Sri Lanka Investment

Team Perpetual is governed by the professional standards and industry ethics to ensure the best quality of service. Our business principles of team work, accountability, performance excellence and personal initiatives encourage and motivate us to make your welfare our business priority.

Team Perpetual Treasuries Limited is a registered non-bank primary dealer, licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the country’s financial sector regulator, under the Local Treasury Bills Ordinance No. 8 of 1923 and the Registered Stock and Securities Ordinance NO.8 of 1937. We are a fully-owned subsidiary of ¬†Perpetual Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd., an Investment fund.



Our vision is to enrich and support growth by designing investment opportunities that benefit investors and the nation. 


Our Corporate mission is to connect investors in Sri Lanka and investors from across the globe with opportunities in Sri Lanka’s debt and equity markets, and to support the growth and development of Sri Lanka’s capital markets through the provision of specialised investment services.¬†


Our core guiding values are:

  • Professional integrity : We will uphold professional standards of the financial sector at all times.
  • Ethical integrity : We will go beyond the legal boundaries to ensure the integrity of our services and will conform to international ethical standards in the provision of our services.
  • Continuous improvement : We will never stop our quest improve our services and to find new and better ways of meeting the needs of our clients.